Our mission as your Trainers and Coaches is to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be. Being a client of Rebel Fitness means having your own personal health and fitness coach keeping you motivated, accountable, and excited about your journey.

Rebel Fitness is not just a typical gym or online fitness & nutrition business. It’s a small, boutique style fitness studio to help each client reach goals they never thought possible using a holistic approach to overall wellness.

We connect with each of our clients to make sure you’re getting what you need from your training, programming, and coaching. Our goal as your trainers and coaches is to get you results, confidence, strength, and wellness. We focus on bio-individuality, no client is the same and all have different goals and desires they want to achieve from working with us. Our job is to cater to each individual’s goals to provide the best service possible.

All levels of fitness and healthy are welcome and encouraged to get started at Rebel Fitness. Different training styles and methods will be employed depending on the client’s preferences and needs.