This strong, amazing woman did our Rebel Transformation Program and knocked off 23.3% bodyfat and 20.5” and gained a TON OF STRENGTH in 6 months!!!!!

Here’s her testimony:

“I would like to first start off this testimonial by thanking everyone involved at Rebel Fitness and Nutrition from the bottom of my heart! From the owners, Katie and Jason, my insanely awesome personal trainer, Elise, to all of the coaches, trainers, and members at Rebel that cheer each other on daily and often! We are family, we are REBEL!

My fitness journey with Katie began over a decade ago when she was just starting out as a group coach and trainer at a local gym. As a person that has been overweight most of my adult life, I was very self-conscience about what I would and would not do in front of other people. However, Katie’s approach was different from any other coach I had worked with. She pushed my boundaries, but with subtlety, respect, and dignity. I was doing things I had never done before! And I liked it! But I didn’t stay committed and over the next decade or so I worked with Katie off and on, but mostly off.

Now, fast-forward 10+ years. I am a few months away from turning 50 and in the worst shape of my life.

Then Fate stepped in…Katie posted in her Rebel Fitness Facebook page that one of her trainers had openings for Personal Training. I messaged Katie and started training with Elise soon after. I had also seen postings for the Transformation Program and it intrigued me. I started a conversation with Elise about starting the program in January (it was October at the time) and she said, “Why not now?” I told her the holidays are coming and I didn’t want to set myself up for failure… which really meant that I didn’t want to give up drinking wine over the holidays. January just seemed “easier”.

Again, Fate stepped in… Katie posted a few days later that she had four openings for the Transformation Program starting the following Monday and I said to myself, “Why not now?” so I signed up!

I am going to tell you that giving up the wine/drinks on a mostly daily basis was not easy. It had been an internal fight with myself for many years, and partly the reason I was in the shape I was in, but it was so worth it. Coupled with the nutrition and fitness plan in the Transformation Program, I have seen and felt phenomenal results! Numbers don’t lie!

I have already started what I am calling “Part 2” of my transition. Yep, another six months but I am super excited to see how far/healthy I can take/get this body and mind of mine!”